Event Information

Experience the ultimate scenic challenge surrounded by the natural beauty of Tasmania.


A stunning picturesque 205 kilometre ride through the beautiful Echo Valley in the Cradle Coast Region of Tasmania.




Race Results 2014 > Click here to download


You can register as a volunteer by emailing your enquiry and any areas of expertise you may have to info@ccsportsandevents.com.au You will be provided lunch on the day and receive a certificate of service acknowledging your valued contribution to the event.

Event Volunteers

There will be over 100 volunteers on the course from a variety of local community groups to ensure this day is enjoyable. Each volunteer will have mobile communication during the day and will be in contact with the ECC at all times. Please remember that volunteers help to make the event happen; if not for our volunteers kindly donating their time and services enthusiasts simply would not have the opportunity to participate at all.

MACEY STEWART’S TIPS ON HOW TO PREPARE FOR A LONG RIDE: 1. Remember to eat and drink frequently. Try to drink every 5-10 minutes and eat every hour. This will stop you from hunger flatting and bonking towards the end of the ride. 2. Keep your cadence high. The faster your rpm the less load on your muscles each pedal stroke. This will reduce your fatigue levels. 3. Be comfortable. When going out on those long rides there’s nothing worse then an off position or wrong equipment. It doesn’t hurt to invest in a proper bike fit and some nice equipment. This can prevent injuries and back pain. 4. Find a friend. Long rides can be very draining and sometimes harder mentally then physically. Company is great to get you through those long hours. 5. Bike maintenance. A clean bike is a fast bike! Keep your bike in tip top condition. This means cleaning your bike, especially your drivetrain. 6. Pump up those tyres. Flat legs or flat tyres? Before every ride have a quick feel of your tyre pressure. If it’s too low you may be more prone to punctures and a very slow trip. 7. Keep your chain wet. Although the effects may not be so dramatic, it’s always good for the head to know your chain isn’t the noisy one in the bunch making everyone cringe. 8. Tune your gears. Whether you do it yourself or take it to the bike shop, tuning your gears is usually a quick fix, especially if your drivetrain is properly maintained. 9. Mix it up. Don’t get stuck on the same route over and over again. If your training routes are limited, try to do them backwards. 10. Chamois cream. Simple yet so important. Apply some chamois cream before heading out to enhance comfort. 11. Take spares. Getting a flat tyre is never planned, always be sure to carry a spare tube or 2 accompanied by a pump or co2 air canister. No one wants that emergency ‘pick me up’ call! 12. Know your stops. If it’s a hot day and you plan to be putting in some hours out on the road, you’re going to need to know where you can fill up your bottles. Dehydration can knock you about for days.


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